Blood Play and YouA strong fetish that exists on the boards of good fetish dating sites is a blood fetish. Some people call it vampirism while others call it blood play, but not matter what name you give it all it is getting turned on by blood in some way. Where it starts to differ is the ways which people get the blood out. When you’re dating a girl who’s into this fetish and you start playing with her, you’re going to need to know a few things. As a sub, she’s going to want you to take charge and do the cutting, so make sure you’re up to speed and have reviewed the more important parts of the game.

What Exactly Is a Blood Fetish?

Blood fetishes have a few subcategories like bloodletting and play piercing. The idea of cutting someone if you’re the Dom makes you feel more powerful than just tying them up. As a sub you’re living more on the edge than just giving up your will. Knives, needles, and other blood play devices are really dangerous, and using them can cause your body more harm than just a cut. Most people first find out that they infatuated with this bodily fluid on accident after having some sort of gash start bleeding. The fetish may stop there, or it may not. There are a countless number of good fetish dating sites and worship sites with naked men and women covered in blood or bleeding themselves. This type of porn satisfies those that are just into it for the visuals, but others prefer to get down and dirty with their own cuts in an act called bloodletting. Well, not dirty, but definitely down.

Bloodletting the Right Way

“You can bite”

Bloodletting, in simple terms, is letting blood out of the body. There are a few ways to accomplish this, but the most obvious and often used being with a knife. Knives are inconspicuous, effective, and most of all they fit the part. A huge portion of any fetish is the fantasy that goes with it all. That’s why we buy leather clothes and dungeon-esque toys; to fit an illusion that we’re building. Some people like to buy specialty bloodletting knives, but really any sharp blade will work. Speaking of sharp blades, a cheaper alternative to a knife would be a razorblade. These can be bought in disposable packs so you’ll have a few on hand when they start to get dull. They do last quite a while and make very thin lines when cutting.
Something that’s not always associated with blood fetishes is called piercing play. It does involve needles, but they’re thinner than those used to pierce the average person. The reason for this is because these piercings aren’t meant to be permanent. If you’re ever gotten something done, you’ll be familiar with the stinging sensation at the spot of the hole. When someone does this at home, the feeling is even stronger. First the area is cleaned with some rubbing alcohol (medical grade, if possible) and then the thin needles enter the skin (or nipple or ear, etc.) and stays there for a short time. Hopefully there will be a bit of blood along with the stinging so both parties can enjoy it. After the dom decides, the needles are removed and should be cleaned.
Those who are more into the vampire path of blood fetishes might want to bite their blood source. Biting a person will get the job done, but it takes a lot of jaw power and instead of making clean cuts, it tears through the skin. What it does do better than the other methods, though, is complete the illusion. We already know how vampires feed and can replicate that ritual on our own, almost making believe that the biter is indeed a vamp. The scariest part of this is the spit involved.

How to Keep Your Blood Play Safe

“Make sure your partner has no diseases”

This fetish is riskier than many others because you’re going to be dealing with blood.
Blood carries a person’s germs and diseases wherever it goes, and if you’re purposely bringing it out or drinking it you’re readily exposing yourself. It’s vital that you play it safe. First, choose your instruments carefully. Buy a special knife or razor for cutting. It doesn’t have to be specifically designed for that or anything, it just has to have one and only use (cutting flesh). If you try to use the same knife on your sub and your steak all that will happen is someone getting an infection or losing a nipple. The knife lives in its sheath, not in your knife drawer or your knife block. When you take it out it gets a good cleaning (no dust in the cuts) and after you’re done using it sanitize it with hot water and antibacterial soap. To seal the deal use a medical grade rubbing alcohol as well. If this just sounds like too much for you to do, then disposable razor blades will do the trick. They’re extremely sharp and you can just throw them away after your session is done. You’ll never have to worry about contamination with them, but it’s a good idea when you first get the razors to still clean them as if they aren’t brand new. Dip the disposables in hot, soapy water and soak it in a good rubbing alcohol for a while before you take them out and use them. Secondly, and most importantly, know your cuts. Unless you know anatomy very well, stick to very shallow cuts on fattier parts of the body. There are arteries all over and when you’re first starting out you do not want to mess with them. While there are people that are into heavy bleeding and purposely aim for those, it’s very dangerous to do so. Thin, light cuts won’t scar either, while the deeper ones will. Once you’ve completed your sexy blood session, wash everything. We’ve already gone over how to clean your cutting utensils, but haven’t mentioned the most important part: the person. It will sting, which some like and some hate, but get warm soapy water and a clean rag to wipe down the bleeder. When the blood is all gone it’s time to sterilize the wounds. Rubbing alcohol will work, but stings like a bitch, so over the counter antiseptics work just as well. For longer cuts, grab some medical tape that’s designed for long wounds and make them into the little bowties you see on medical shows. Throw a few of them along the line to keep it together and help the cut heal faster.

“You can tie your sub and cut them carefully”

It’s not going to be a walk in the park to find someone who has a blood fetish. Read some reviews and find yourself a good fetish dating site for the fastest way to “shop” for a partner who’s into the same type of blood play as you are. You can find a likeminded partner on fetish dating sites. Use These Reviews To Find The Best Fetish Sites In Your Area Now and with the help of these reviews narrow down your choices for a partner. The best way to make sure you have a great time is to keep an open mind to other activities you haven’t done with blood, like piercing play. Sites will let you chat to your prospective bleeder and make a game plan for your perfect scenarios together.

Simple Rules for Increasing Your eLearning Platform Ratings

“Increase your platform ratings”

“Increase your platform ratings”

Developing a high ranking on the search engines as well as within the online learning communities can help you develop a stronger following and find more students. For the most, it does not take a lot of hard work to increase your eLearning platform ratings, but it does take time. You must find out which tools are the best to increase the ranking. Find it out here: which are the best tools for eLearning? And increase your eLearning platform ratings. Here are some of the other things you need to do on a regular basis.

Set Out Clear Communication Rules

“A clear communication guideline must be set beforehand”

“A clear communication guideline must be set beforehand”

The most common reason that students complain and lower your eLearning platform ratings is because of poor communication. In some cases, it’s the students’ fault while in others it’s the instructor’s. But most eLearning sites do not care who is right or wrong. They log the course evaluation and leave the review up. Contesting the review or the rating is exceptionally difficult if you do not have any basis to contest it.
One of the ways that you can help to avoid this is to set out the communication rules clearly. Tell the students precisely when you will be available for feedback and approximately how long you will need between assignments. Make sure that this information is in the initial description so that they cannot claim they thought otherwise when they bought the course. If the course is a self-directed course and you will not be engaging with the students, then include the word “independent” or “self directed” in the title. A number of courses have received bad ratings because the students thought they were instructor directed rather than self-directed.

Keep Course Materials in Easy to Access Forms

“Make your course materials easily accessible to people”

“Make your course materials easily accessible to people”

Another simple way to keep your eLearning platform ratings high is to make sure that your course materials are set up in easy to access or standard forms. You might be able to create some fascinating documents with Story Master or Rough Draft or Scrivener. But the file types cannot be read on all systems. Stick with basic .PDF, .JPEG, .mp3, and similar file types. Most systems can read them, and you don’t have to worry about the complaints.
If you decide that you want to provide a more specialized form of course material, make sure that you at least include the basic information in a standard document. This way, students who are unable to access the special file can get the basics.

Provide References and Dates of Updates

Certain niches run on a high information curve. The information that you produce may or may not be up to date within just a few days of publication. To keep students from making wrong assumptions, provide the dates of your research. You should also include information on the last time the course was updated.
Another additional feature that you can use to demonstrate your work is to actually provide references for claims. It’s easy to say that something is fact, but some of your students may not believe you. Citing to other studies, books, and programs can help increase your authority and your credibility with your students. It also increases the value of the course because the information is verifiable.

Respond to Negative Feedback as Well as Positive

“Take negative feedback gracefully”

“Take negative feedback gracefully”

Sometimes you may find that your eLearning platform ratings go down even though you have tried to do everything right. As frustrating as those negative reviews and feedback may be, try to be gracious. You may be able to turn it into an opportunity for positive customer relations. If the eLearning platform allows you to respond, then write a polite response addressing the concerns. Do not engage in a flame war. Remain courteous. If the conversation becomes abusive, report it to the board.
Make sure that you also respond to positive reviews. If someone takes the time to discuss your course, take the time to comment back. It will help encourage additional feedback. Commenting back does require more than just saying “thanks.” Try to respond to particular points to show that you actually read it and aren’t just using a review client.

Deliver Everything You Promise

Make sure that you always deliver what you promise in your courses. While most courses at least attempt to give what they promise, some are so full of different ideas that they meander around and never really deliver. Of course, it’s possible that some of these courses do deliver what they promise, but they are so poorly structured that it’s hard to tell.
When developing your course, make sure that even the way that you set it up shows how you deliver what you promise. Use clear and concise chapter and section headers. At the beginning of each section, talk about what the reader will learn to do. Show what he can take away at the end of the section. By incorporating clear objective goals, you remove some of the fuzziness. It also makes it easier for you to say that your course did do what you promised rather than having to sift through the material to see if you actually did.

Spend at Least a Couple Hours a Week Optimizing Your Courses

“Keep optimizing your courses to increase the value of the course”

“Keep optimizing your courses to increase the value of the course”

In some cases, you can use online learning courses as an effective form of passive income. Even so, you must make sure that they remain competitive. Depending on how many courses you have, you should spend anywhere from half an hour to a couple hours a week optimizing your courses.
Course optimization means looking for ways to increase the value in the course as well as the appeal. You might not always release the new updates right away. In some cases, it’s best to set them aside until you have enough to warrant a new release and a new version. In other cases, it may be necessary for you to provide updates to your current courses. Instances when this would be appropriate include when a key law changes that would make your current recommendations more risky from a legal standpoint or entirely illegal. While you may not risk legal action from your students, they will be angry if you fail to disclose that kind of updated information. They’re also likely to assume that you were incorrect in your initial assertions, and that may make them avoid your work in the future.

Promote Your Courses on Your Social Media Platforms

The simplest way to increase your eLearning platform ratings is to get more positive reviews. To get more positive reviews, you need more students. Make sure that you promote your courses on the various social media platforms. You will need to show how these courses provide value as well as the way that they are worth your followers’ time. Remember that direct advertising may not always be your best choice. If you are running other marketing campaigns or selling other products, then work your current courses into the campaign.

Remember that when it comes to selling information, content marketing remains one of the best methods. You can give people a great sample of your informative style and the way that your products help to solve their problems. Through the content, you then convince them that your courses are precisely what they need. You don’t have to use hard sell techniques to accomplish this goal. In fact, you’ll be more successful in promoting your online courses through a social media platform if you avoid those hard sell tactics.

Becoming A Successful Blogger

Think you have a shot at becoming a famous blog writer? That’s great! If you’re planning to start on a blog, you’ve come to the right place. But before anything else, there’s something you need to know. It takes more than just good technical writing skills for a blog to become successful. However, there’s nothing to worry about, for today you are going to find out what it would take to be famous in the World Wide Web.

Think Positive

First of all, you can’t have a blog and feel weak about it. You got to have passion. You got to have enthusiasm. You got to have the desire to write and share your thoughts to the world. If the sole reason for you to create a blog is to cash in on sponsors and ads, forget it. That kind of thinking won’t get you far at all.

Find Your Niche

While writing for fun is always a great idea, you should also consider thinking of what you’re passionate about. Are you interested in electronics? The latest gadgets? How about pets and animals? Are you a foodie? Or do you see yourself writing about topics that are a bit more serious like politics and environmental issues? Having a blog gives you the freedom to write about anything under the sun. Technically, you can mix and match different themes to spice things up, but finding your niche would actually give your blog direction. And you can bet the number of repeat visitors will grow over time, too.

Blogging tips are shared by the top professionals across the web on a daily basis

Blogging tips are shared by the top professionals across the web on a daily basis


The design of your blog should always be kept simple to make it user-friendly. However, while it’s always nice to keep it uncomplicated and straightforward, bloggers should never forget to add a touch of creativity for each and every post they make. You can add photos you personally took, music, videos, etcetera. A long string of words stretching out to several, uninterrupted paragraphs spells b-o-r-i-n-g. You don’t want to make your readers leave before they even get to half of your article, do you?

Constructive Criticisms

If you’re going to place a comments section on your blog, prepare yourself for the worst. You can’t please everybody, which means at any point, you are probably going to piss somebody off with your opinions. But don’t let it get to you. Take criticisms in a constructive manner, and always with a sense of humor. The truth is, it can only make you better. And besides, some sites have the ability to block a certain user or IP address. You can always check out how that works.

Blogging is getting more and more popular day by day. Where people blog to share their interests, activities and hobbies with the world

Blogging is getting more and more popular day by day. Where people blog to share their interests, activities and hobbies with the world

Follow these basic blogging rules and you’ll be off to a good start. And whatever you do, don’t forget to have fun. Blogging isn’t supposed to feel like work. Keep that in mind and everything else will follow. Good luck!

Life Begins At Forty

Dating at forty is never a problem when it concerns to men. Men at forty are much more mature and stable. They know what they’re looking for in a relationship, while women who are single at forty could have full of insecurities within themselves. These women who are single by choice or by circumstance are more complex. They have many issues in their lives that need confrontation. But the main idea with that is while girls of this age are supposedly happily married, you are approximately – single at 40.

No More Rush Hours

This is the prime time of your life. You already have your whole life in front of you. You have a good head to start with. Gone are those days when you are so carefree and wild you rush things off just to get sacked. This time you are more careful of your decisions because of your past experiences. Now, you are more confident and established than you have been before. Tendency is, dating someone younger than you might find you intimidating. Dating at 40 makes rules slightly different. Your past experiences will be the basis of your dating spree. This time there’s no more damsels in distress meeting a prince charming. It’s more like, “Hey, what do you expect in this relationship?”

Relationships are complicated. The dynamics of give-and-take can be confusing

Relationships are complicated. The dynamics of give-and-take can be confusing

Not a Marrying Type

Since you are already motivated by whatever you career is at this time, any reasonable expectation of marriage after dating is lessened. You can go on a casual date and enjoy without expecting where the relationship is going. You don’t need someone to provide for you. As long as that someone can provide for themselves it is okay. A large percentage of 40 something singles are divorced and with kids. By taking responsibility of their lives, these individuals would not jump at any marriage proposals whatsoever. Maturity and experience have a lot to do with it. As they are cautious, yet, however, they are still looking for a relationship that lingers and can wait over time.

Time Allocation

You might never want to date someone who will consume and demand most of your time. With a handful responsibilities at your hands a partner that whines and checks on you every now and then may become a pain on your ass. Well, this really is a personal perspective but if you have children, you might as well consider spending most of your time with them. And they might shy away the idea of extra people coming between you and them. And basically, your children are with you all along through your ups and downs so you really just can’t ignore their feelings about you dating again.

Relation Tips: How to Tell Whether She Has Feelings for You

Relation Tips: How to Tell Whether She Has Feelings for You

There are really no rules when it comes to dating at forty. You are fulfilled as a person and been taking care of yourself for such a long time now. You don’t have anything to prove lest a man who will just turn your perfect world topsy turvy. Being alone doesn’t mean being lonely. And if you really need someone to be with, just make sure he wouldn’t leaved you wounded just like before.

How to Lose Ten Pounds in 3 Weeks Naturally

Since the emergence of fastfood chains and the continuous patronage of the people, more have grown sideways over the last decade than the previous one. Losing at least 10 pounds in 3 weeks will require focus and determination especially since this process is the natural way. No pills, even those that are claimed to be all-natural, will be taken. This process had been tested. Before you start, though, you have to be determined.

Change Your Diet

If your normal diet is composed of fastfood meals, red meat, pastries and sodas, it will be easy to gain 10 pounds in a day than lose it in several weeks. You have to change your diet to give your body the nutrients it needs. The reason people get fat is because they are hungry–hungry for nutrients.

  • Focus instead on eating lots of raw vegetables, fruits and raw nuts. If vegetables are hard like squash, cooking it halfway is fine. The concept is, you maximize the nutrients in their raw state.

  • Chew your food well. Eat slowly. Give time to really grind them with your molars. That is what your molars are for. That way, you help process the nutrients to speedily get absorbed by your body.

  • Have a green smoothie twice a day. Better yet, have it juiced. The same concept with chewing your food well, juicing is the best way to get the nutrients out of the vegetable or fruit. If you do not have a juicer, a blender will do. Include 2-3 bananas to give it some good taste. Do not put sugar.

  • Avoid white bread or any product with white flour like cakes and pastries and pasta. Go for whole wheat. Never mix butter with carbohydrate. It is a surefire way to get fat. Avoid mayonnaise. Use vinaigrette instead, especially for your salads. If you drink coffee, make it black and brewed if possible. If you are a heavy coffee drinker, that will naturally die down if you what you eat all day are raw vegetables, fruits and raw nuts. Since you will be having at least 2 glasses of green smoothies a day, with all that nutrients there will be room for coffee. Avoid anything with sugar like soda and fruit shake. Get your sugar from fruits instead. If you’re a rice eater, go for unpolished. Limit your salt intake and if you use salt, go for rock salt. Table salt is chemically made. Avoid it. Limit your red meat intake. Avoid it if you can. Go for white meat instead, which is easier to digest.

 You can do it naturally by changing your lifestyle into healthier ones. It is more economical than purchasing special food or expensive exercise equipment

You can do it naturally by changing your lifestyle into healthier ones. It is more economical than purchasing special food or expensive exercise equipment

Even without exercise, this diet alone will shed off several pounds. Cleaning your digestive system is the faster way to get lighter, exercise being the fast way.

Remember to Exercise

Cardio exercises are good but strength training is better when it comes to shedding off extra pounds because even after several hours, you continue to burn calories. Use dumb bells or even water bottles if you do not have dumb bells. Leg exercises are the best fat burners. If you have Crossfit training nearby, you will not only shed pounds, you will also develop much strength and stamina.

Eating food rich in fiber like yogurt, breakfast bars, and soy milk may not help you lose weight

Eating food rich in fiber like yogurt, breakfast bars, and soy milk may not help you lose weight

Losing 10 pounds in 3 weeks can be difficult or easy, depending on the person’s determination. Stick to the nutritious diet and burning exercises. If you want to continue more than 3 weeks, do not be discouraged if less is shed off during the succeeding weeks. It is always faster the first time.

Fix Your Credit in 4 Easy Ways

There are many people nowadays who have problems dealing with their debts. Paying the debt is already a problem but this can also have negative repercussions later on. When they can’t pay their debts, this will appear in their credit history and will give them negative scores. They will have a hard time applying for loans later on because they don’t have a good credit history. If you have a debt and want to get rid of it, here are four easy way to do it.

  • Minimize expenses – More than the debt, it’s our lifestyle that affects our ability to pay off debts. Many people don’t bother to look at their current financial status and just continue spending even if they debts to settle. You need to list down all your income and all the debts that you need to pay. Most of the time, people will realize that they have plenty of money to pay for their debts. The problem was they prioritize other expenses than their outstanding debt. To be able to pay one’s debt, one has to cut on expenses and use the money to pay your debt instead.

How to Easily Fix Your Credit Report

How to Easily Fix Your Credit Report

  • Restructure your debt – Sometimes, the payment schemes of some loans become too tight and monthly dues become too big. When you experience something like this, you can consult a credit counsellor and ask help. They would usually call the creditor and will try to negotiate for a loan restructure on your behalf. Creditors would usually agree to restructured debt rather than receiving nothing at all. Once the restructure is complete, all you have to do is stick to your debt and pay the monthly dues on time.

  • Increase your income – During evaluation of your current financial status, you can gauge if your income is still enough for your expenses and your debts. If you see that your income will always be short, then make ways to increase your monthly income. You can apply for a second job, do overtime and other stuff. There are those who resign from their current job and look for similar jobs with greater pay. There are even those who venture into online businesses. Online businesses are good because the market is huge. By increasing your income, you’ll have spare for your expenses and spare to pay off your debt.

  • Educate yourself – Lastly, educate yourself regarding finance management and how money works. If you were able to finally settle your debt, don’t stop there. Enroll yourself in a financial management course. There are many online courses that are free. By educating yourself, you won’t be in a similar situation again.

Increase your monthly income

Increase your monthly income

The decision to be debt-free starts with you. If you have a debt now, it will never go away if you don’t act on it. Feeling sorry for oneself is never a solution because the debt will continue to exist. Decide to be debt free not tomorrow, not in the future but now. If you act now and if you do the tips listed above you’ll be able to free yourself from your current debts.

Pointers for a Getting Your Dream Promotion

Who doesn’t want promotions at work? When you get promoted, it’s a clear sign that the company you work with is acknowledging your new level of skills and knowhow. Not only that, for every promotion you get, you are motivated to do better and better at work.

But imagine yourself being at your position for nearly 3 years, with additional load of work that is more than you can handle; imagine yourself acquiring new function in the same period but was not given a single raise. It’s not a question as to whether you still like what you do, because accomplishing every single task at hand on time is a sign that you still respect your job and your position. But if you’re the only one feeling this way about your work contribution in the company, then it’s not surprising that you should feel unappreciated or worse, demoralized.

But don’t take it against your boss just yet; remember that there are tons of work issues that your boss thinks of each day. It’s not intentional that your due promotion may have just been missed. If this is the case, then try to know when the right time to ask for promotions is. The following list should guide you properly:

Assert yourself. Have you been a self-starter on learning new skills that are crucial to the quality of work you do for the company? Has these new skills created a remarkable impact on your work productivity as well as with the team you belong to? If yes, then use this information and capitalize on it the next time the company holds a performance evaluation.

Maintaining a Professional Image Throughout Your Career

Maintaining a Professional Image Throughout Your Career

Check if the job description in the position you are vying for fits your credentials. If you’ve planned ahead, the skills necessary for the position you are eyeing for must be something you have learned and acquired by now, as these too become part of your consideration for the promotion.

Network socially – offline! That’s right; if you’d be asked to choose an important place to network that would be no other than your office. Some people are just not a networker; they’d rather bury themselves in their work not giving his co-workers a time of day. But in times like this, it pays to network with just about anybody you think can help influence your promotions. Not that you’re dancing to the tune of office politics, you’re not asking for something you don’t deserve anyway. Instead, if you’re looking at further growth in the company then it’s just right that you network regularly.

Maintaining a Professional Image Throughout Your Career

Maintaining a Professional Image Throughout Your Career

Stay respectable. There is nothing wrong with being assertive and aggressive in your own career growth; but it’s also important to maintain your reputation as a person with integrity. Sad to say, this kind of person is hard to come in the workplace. Bear in mind that if you keep and give positive vibes, the same will also be given to you.